It’s The City of Angels (If You Have the Right Look)

by Marisha
Being a performer, I have learned a lot about my identity.  But even more so about my history. For each audition, an actor has to home in on her experiences, her struggles, her triumphs.  You are asked to look at a side of yourself which you don’t really have to evaluate as a human being in regular society. In your acting traing, you are given games and exercises–all to get you to delve into your inner feelings and most importantly . . . your insecurities.

“Cell Block Tango” in Chicago

I have always known about my talents. I have always known what it was that I wanted to do in this world. It was to perform. It seemed so simple growing up, yet I’m finding it has become so difficult as I grow older. I’ve learn to live in the gray. Nothing is black and white, and no one can necessarily tell me the decisions I need to make.
The last 2 years have been a crazy time in Los Angeles. It is called the “City of Angels.” And it has been that and much, much more struggle than that. I have had my share of devils.
This will be a short post, but I wanted to introduce this subject that will be a lot of what I am drawing from in my next few posts. This is what I know and it has connected with my adoption in so many ways that I didn’t realize until now. Things that have shaped me, things that have strengthened me, and things that have frightened me.

Joy Luck Club

Rose in Joy Luck Club

It is all a process and it is left unknown- as it should. But here are my experiences that have led to my realization. More to Come . . . .

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