Film Festival for Transracial Adoptees (November 2012)

Land of Gazillion Adoptees Nation!  Watch Adoptee Films, a subsidiary of LGA, is happy to be partnering with AdopSource and AK Connection for the 2012 Minnesota Transracial Film Festival (MNTRFF; Saturday, November 10; Monday, November 12-Friday, November 16).  MNTRFF is going to rock!  As far as we know, it’ll be the first adoptee-centric festival that will have a physical and online presence.  Click here for more info.

In order to make it that much better, AdopSource, AK Connection, and Watch Adoptee Films has launched a fundraiser with some fabulous perks:

Give $15: Becoming a partner at this level gives you free admission to all of the films playing at the festival on November 10. (The admission fee for each film will be $8 per features, $5 for short films, and $25 for a day pass.)

Give $25: Becoming a partner at this level will give you…

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