Gratitude & Adoption Comedy

by Luanne

What an unexpected thrill it was to check our inbox and find an email waiting from WordPress editor Cheri Lucas telling Marisha and me that one of our blog’s posts, “What Does ‘Miss Saigon’ Have to Do with It?,” had been Freshly Pressed.  That was such a wonderful two month birthday present for the blog.  Starting a project like this has been daunting and, quite frankly, a lot of hard work.  Sometimes I’ve felt like giving up.  I admit it.  One good thing is that WordPress allows me to schedule posts early enough in the morning for the east coast 2nd cup of coffee while I’m still asleep in Arizona.  Maybe you thought I was up posting at 5AM?  [Insert snort of sheepish laughter here].

Every single “like” or comment or “follow” is noticed and appreciated more than you could ever know.  I want to thank our first readers and our newest blog followers and everybody in between.  You are what makes it worthwhile to share our stories and to provide a forum for others to share their own.

Now I’m bursting to share something else—a project I find so unique and exciting.  A big Thank You to Lisa DeNike Ercolano for bringing it to my attention.

Artist Jessica Emmett and writer Bert Ballard collaborate on a comic strip project called Adopted the Comic.   Jess was adopted by a British couple and brought up in an ex-pat community in Hong Kong.  She now lives in the UK with her husband.  Her birthmother was a Vietnamese refugee.  Bert was evacuated from Vietnam during Operation Babylift in 1975 and grew up in the United States.  He’s an adoption researcher and has helped form two adoptee-led organizations.  He’s married with three children.  His son was adopted from Vietnam.

What I love about their work is how much it reflects the experiences of my family, as well as the humor we’ve found in our own lives.  Both of my kids have a strong flair for comedy, and I think it springs from their transracial and international adoptions.  Here are a couple of Jess-and-Bert’s cartoons which speak for themselves.

You can follow Jessica and Bert on Facebook here.  Their website is here.

I hope you enjoy their humor as much as I do.


  1. Fantastic! Can’t wait to read more from “The Adopted Comic”

  2. Loved it! Jessica and Bert are smart, talented, and funny!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I especially enjoyed the second one.

    PS I am so glad that this blog was Freshly Pressed. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is really nice! Very quick and witty humor. => Thanks for sharing.

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