Mama, Can You Hear Me??

by Marisha

I am sure many people have heard of the buzz that revolves around this season’s X Factor. I imagine it has to do with the fact of Ms Britney being one of the judges. I am not afraid to admit that, when I was growing up, she was my favorite performer. 😉

The reality show is a fresh take on American Idol. It started in the UK and has made it to its second season here in America. What I like about this show is that it is about more than someone having “The Voice.” It seeks to find someone who is the whole package, to find a person who can be marketable and worthy of a 5 million dollar investment. The audience “meets” all these hopefuls of all different ages, with one commonality and sharing one dream– to be a music superstar.

Now two parts of my life have intersected. As this blog does each week, X Factor has now showcased an issue about adoption. Contestant David Correy is currently in the Top 24, in the “over 25” group. He first stood out to me, not because of his voice, but because of the dream he wanted to pursue more than a singing career. He was adopted and has never known his birth mom. He touched me when he gave a speech about hoping that his Brazilian birth mother would come find him “through his voice and through his story.” It was sweet, heartfelt and definitely an original story for a contestant on a reality talent show.

But for anyone who is adopted, underneath our fantasies, we know that it usually doesn’t happen that easily.

I have mixed emotions because I, too, always imagined that if my career took off, maybe my birth parents would recognize me, or hear my story and come forward. But then I have the opposing thought: would I get a bunch of impostors “pretending” to be my parents? Would it be emotionally damaging to go through this in the public eye? Thank goodness for DNA tests haha.

I really wish David well. I have an emotional pull for him, regardless of his beautiful singing ability. What do you think? Will David’s dream be easier with fame? Or do you think it will make things a lot more complicated? Will it set him up for disappointment?

I, of course, always hope for the best. 🙂

Meet him below in this video


  1. I hope all things turn out well for David.

  2. Lisa DeNike Ercolano says:

    Marisha, thanks for this thought-provoking piece. It seems there are many layers to it, from David’s point of view, but it certainly tugs the heartstrings to think about an adopted person on such a show, hoping that by being in the public eye, he will find his birthmom.

  3. I have to admit that the hope David has about fame didn’t spring to my non-adoptee mind, but when you told me about him saying it on the show, I could understand it and wondered why I didn’t think of it. He’s made this “goal” so much a part of his story, even on his website, that I do worry for him having such a high expectation. Thanks for another great insight, Marisha.
    Love and hugs . . .

    • Well now that I know he has more than likely found his birth mom, I think it will shed light for him to really continue pursuing his talents..and doing it for himself 🙂 happy for him!

  4. if you want to know, David’s mother been found. Someone tracked brazilian adoptions paperwork a few days ago. She was on shown on brazilian TV and all, seems like she still a very poor woman, but very emotinal to find him. She actually had him at 12, gave him up because she was living on the streets and though it wouldn’t be love to raise a child in that environmet. Full story here: (in portuguese)

  5. Me too!

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