Big Brother and Little Sister: A Mom’s Viewpoint

By Luanne

Both my kids have always been close friends, sometimes experimenting with an “us against the world” attitude.  They had their secret jokes and dialogue with each other about being Asian with white parents and living in a largely white community.

Because they were close, they spent a lot of time together.  When they were little, the naughty factor increased exponentially when they planned their capers together.

At ages five and three, they locked themselves in their Jack-and-Jill bathroom and cut Marisha’s hair.  A couple years later, they rigged up a walkie-talkie and for weeks spied on their dad and me when we thought they were in bed.

Sometimes Marisha, being the younger, got the worst of the situation and she would pout.  Once she got back at her brother by singing a song about him.

You can hear the song in this video:

Read “Big Brother, Little Sister,” Marisha’s August 10, 2012 post about her brother Marc here.


  1. Adorable!!!! They were very inventive and Marisha def showed her talent young!

  2. Thanks so much, Corinne! Ah, I think I miss those days! xo

  3. Lisa DeNike Ercolano says:

    You know I love this video! Thanks for posting.

  4. Cutest thing ever! LOVE this!!

  5. This is too funny! It looks like Marisha was destined from a young age to become a performer!

    • When she heard her singing when she was 4 my mom said “she’s going to be a singer.” Then she started dance and she said, “She’ll be a dancer.” They both turned out to be true. Grandma knew.

  6. Very cute! Bet they kept you busy when they were younger with their mischief. 🙂

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