A Lighthearted Blog Post with a Smidgeon of Seriousness

by Luanne

Years ago, when I waited for Marc to arrive, I bought him a fluffy Teddy bear and a stuffed seal toy from an animal welfare organization.  Three years later, when I awaited Marisha, I thought about dolls with human features.  It was important to me that she have dolls which looked like her, not the majority of dolls which were available in stores at that time.

I found one beautiful Asian doll with long silky hair, but she was very expensive–close to $100, which was an incredible price at that time–and I put her on layaway.  Seeing Marisha  hugging that baby doll when she was little more than a baby herself was priceless.

When Marisha started school, she received Barbie dolls for her birthdays.  They were usually blonde, but every time she got a blonde one, I bought her a black-haired Barbie.  In this way she accumulated a lot of Barbies.

Then Marisha moved on to her true love:  Power Rangers!!!

 “It’s Morphin’ Time!” (aka Happy Weekend!)


  1. Lisa DeNike Ercolano says:

    Luanne, thanks for the smile! I remember what a challenge it was finding Asian dolls for Juliet back in the mid-1990s. I think it is easier now.

    • Yes, so much easier today! With Marisha, it was still very difficult when she was a baby and then as she got older, easier and easier. She was still young enough for American Girl, they finally made a doll which you could order with features to look like the child.

  2. Yay, Power Rangers!

  3. It’s good to find the black-haired Barbies, but can you do something about the boobs?

  4. And also, that picture of Marisha is so cute it makes me laugh to look at it!

  5. It is so hard to find Asian dolls! I was very excited to have recently found a child Barbie that is Asian.

  6. Great post – it’s wonderful that you were thoughtful enough to buy dolls that looked like her.

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