What Do People Say to the Parents of Adoptees (in Transracial Families)? This stuff . . .

This video captures some very realistic moments!  These comments get very annoying to parents (although they can be very funny, too).  If you have made any of these comments yourself, try to think through how it might make the parent feel.  What could you say instead?


  1. I’ve heard all of these and a few more! Thanks for this. The comments never seem this funny when they are spoken to me about my kids!

  2. Yup. Heard them all. One neighbourhood child once asked me “Why are the Chinese living with you?”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I have to share this one, Luanne. Briliant!

  3. Witty!

  4. Tracy Logan says:

    Great video! I’m at the very beginning of the process so it’s great to see the comments I’ll be getting one day. I hope I handle them with grace. 🙂

  5. I’m sure it’s not this funny at the time, but I was just cracking up watching this. Sometimes people just don’t realize what they’re saying. The sad thing is, I probably would have said some of those things prior to learning about adoption. I think some people just need their ignorance pointed out to them. I know I did. One question, though: Do they really make the Brad and Angelina comments? Those ones I just don’t get.

  6. Stuff just flies out of the mouths of some people–no thought and no filters. Sometimes, though, it is just ignorance and they are waiting to be taught. Funny about the Brad and Angelina thing. I mean, really?

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