Love Me Some Blogs

by Luanne

Before Marisha and I started DWLA, I had no idea how many great blogs about adoption are being written.  Lots of them are by bloggers who wish to chronicle the adoption process.  Whether they already have children or not, their excitement radiates through their words.  Many great blogs are being written by parents and because one or more of their kids is adopted, the “tag” adoption is usually what brings me over.  I’ve also discovered blogs written by adult adoptees, which run quite the range of perspectives–and these have been the most eye-opening to me.  There aren’t as many “birth parent” blogs, but I’ve read a few.

Here at DWLA we are always looking to publish adoption stories, but if you are a birth parent with a story to share or a male adoptee or father, we are particularly hungry to read your work.  So send it on over.  Our email is located on our contacts page.

What I didn’t realize before we launched this blog was how important the blogging community is to us as bloggers.  It’s been fun to get to know other bloggers through their blogs and our own.  It’s taken us down some other paths–outside adoption and into other fascinating blogs.

One of the interactions of the blogging community is the bestowing of awards on each other.  We were blessed to receive a Blog of the Year Award  from Andy at Our Life in 3D.  This is our first star of this award (it holds up to six).  So grateful for receiving the recognition of our efforts from such a phenomenal fellow blogger.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

I’m going to send you to the One Lovely Blog Award DWLA post called “Blogland Love” for a list of factoids about Marisha and me and, most importantly, for a list of great blogs who are deserving of this award.  Please note that there are absolutely tons of engaging and important blogs which I’ve read which I can’t put on the list.  I wish I could.  Even so, I’d like you to squeeze in Luggage Lady who runs a beautiful blog and wrote a book about the perspective of an adult adoptee and the fabulous Smore Stories by Tara Bradford, a Korean adoptee who has adopted a sibling group from Ethiopia.  I’d also like to say “back atcha” to Andy so you can claim yourself another star!


Just went over to the beautiful blog A Gracious Life to tell her that we had awarded her the 2012 Blog of the Year Award and discovered that she had also nominated us.  So that’s our second star 🙂 woohoo!!  I’m feeling so grateful this morning, and Marisha doesn’t even know about it yet!  For our 2nd star, I’d like to nominate a blog about “living sick,” called The Diarrhea Diaries.  She’s doing a tremendous service for those living with chronic disease.   For great reading, look at the list in our Blogland Love post and don’t forget the lovely Renee over at Unpacked Writer who can also unpack her well-deserved gift of 2012 Blog of the Year Award.


  1. Do a search for “Another Version of Mother” and for “Letters to Little Man.” They are both birth moms with totally opposite experiences but both have given me great insights into the “other side” of the story.

  2. What an incredible honor — Thank you! I so love your blog and find it to be an incredible resource of enlightening perspectives and all around up-lifting stories…Hugs and blessings to you both!!

  3. If you want to publish an article or two on adoption maybe you would consider the two I have done. The first is my favorite: The second one was actually piblished in Bethany’s Lifelines magazine. Let me know what you think.

  4. Thank you for bringing a big smile to my day! I love your blog and appreciate the kudos!!

  5. If you’re looking for some birth parent blogs, Statiscally Impossible is a birth FATHER blog:
    I believe it’s the only active birth father blog at this time. There are two others that I know of, but one man stopped blogging entirely, and the other hasn’t updated in months.

  6. Thanks SO much, Tara!! Enjoy the validation of your hard work!!


  1. […] Love Me Some Blogs ( […]

  2. […] Love Me Some Blogs ( […]

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