Gifts to the World by Helen Dibb

Helen Dibb


I’m Helen, age 36, and live in West Yorkshire, England. I have slight cerebral palsy. I’m happily married with three lovely children. My eldest son is waiting for a kidney transplant.

I was adopted as a baby. I have been in contact with my birth father and the family for about six years now and really happy I had the chance to meet them! I have been trying to be in contact with my birth mother.


Helen’s poem “Adoption” is a poignant reminder of the emotional terrain of the adoptee’s heart.


Adoptee can feel
Depressed, angry, lonely and happy
Overwhelmed by confusion about
People and events in their lives and
The birth parent separation, they are
In search of who they are and
Only wanting to be loved and
Never forgotten by birth parents

Helen wrote this poem for her birth father:

Dear Dad

Adoption separated us

Decided to search for you

Delighted to meet you

Your loving daughter xx

And this one, also:

 For you make me smile

Await your emails is hard as I miss you

The great time I had with you

Having fun and laughter together

Enjoying getting to know you more

Reward is having you in my life xx

Helen with her birth father

Helen with her birth father

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