Re-blogging Luanne’s “Miss Saigon” post.

Don't We Look Alike?

by Luanne

Most of the CDs in my collection are Broadway musical cast albums.  From the time I was a preschooler, I’ve listened to show tunes, first learning them from my mother’s LP collection of 1950s show classics.  The one recording from any era that moves me every time I listen to it is Miss Saigon.  From “The Movie in My Mind” to “Sun and Moon” to “I’d Give My Life for You,” the music makes me cry.

Miss Saigon

I’ve seen a touring version of the show, as well as a professional show, which my daughter was in, in Wichita, Kansas.  Those productions really brought home how unfortunate it is that Miss Saigon is one of the few musicals available for Asian actresses.  Except for the young woman playing lead, all the Asian girls in the play portray prostitutes and pole dancers, strutting across the stage in bikinis.

In the…

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