Here’s the viewpoint of an adult who grew up “in the system” in Canada. It fits well with Ashley Rhodes-Courter’s book “Three Little Words” which I just finished reading.

Today is Family Day in British Columbia. It’s a statutory holiday that was established by the government “as a day in February when families can spend quality time together.”

As a former youth in care I see the holiday as an opportunity to reflect on the complicated and diverse nature of family for myself and other people who grew up in the system. I know that for many youth in care some of the only adults in their lives are people like social workers who are paid to deal with them.

But how are these relationships defined and what happens after they are terminated?

My former workers had more of a positive and lasting influence on my life than most of my biological relatives and having them exit my life simply because I reached a birthday seemed harsh and arbitrary. As an adult it’s important for me to have some…

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