FInders Weepers

FInders Weepers.


This article is an adoptee “reunion” story with a sad ending.   We’ve published some happy ending stories on our blog, but please remember there are many ways a reunion can turn out.


Luanne and Marisha


  1. What a sad sad story!Even though she might have her reasons I think that birthmother sounds like a really emotionally disturbed human being..

    • It’s so sad and at the far end of the continuum of responses I wasn’t sure about posting it, but we’ve posted such happy reunion stories in the past, and it’s good to see the full potential of opportunities, I think.

  2. I have lived this pain through my husband’s repeated biological parental rejection. The only difference was his “mother” and “father” carried on a relationship with him (on and off) for years before ultimately rejecting him for good. Her final line about always keeping the door open broke my heart. Sad beyond words to think of these grown children who will do just about anything to experience the smallest taste of love from those who produced them… 😦

  3. What a sad, captivating story. Thank you for sharing this. Unless you are part of the adoption community,you may not have thought of thenpainful possibilities.

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