If you’re looking to adopt a child, read this post from The Chittister Family blog. Robyn offers information on what adoption facilitators are.

Holding to the Ground

Baby Oysters from Alice in WonderlandIn my last post, I wrote that facilitators would not exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land.

First, let’s explain what a facilitator is, and why it is not an agency. American Adoptions (an agency) defines “adoption facilitator” as an “unlicensed organizations or individuals offering adoption services, which is illegal in 20 states.” Adoption.com, an information site, with lots of ads from my favorite unethical facilitator, defines “adoption facilitators” as “individuals who are not licensed as adoption agencies or licensed as attorneys, and who are engaged in the matching of birth parents with adoptive parents.”

Notice that they both agree on the unlicensed part. In some states, anyone can buy a domain name, put up a web page, and call themselves an adoption facilitator. They do not need any special qualifications. They do not need to be licensed social workers, nor do they need to employ licensed social workers. They do…

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