A Magical Experience

by Marisha

Hello Friends!

I haven’t updated our readers in a while, but I wanted to say a quick hello!

I just finished doing a production of one of my favorite shows, Chicago, at North Birch Park Theatre in San Diego. I was fortunate enough to work with my friend Ron Kellum for the third time, with whom I did this same show my sophomore year of college. Also, with one of my inspirations and friends, Randy Slovacek, who did the amazing revival choreography again!

The experience was truly magical. It was a rare thing to have so many talented people with so much hunger and love for the stage in the same show. It became like a family, even though it was a short six-week process.

Most importantly, I was able to relive my role as Liz, the “Pop” girl in the number “Cell block Tango.” It was amazing to see how different my take on the role was now that I am five years older. I like to think all my discoveries as an adoptee have matured and settled within me, and I can finally explore all aspects of myself knowingly and fearlessly.

This role is so amazing, because it gave me the chance, as an Asian American female performer, to give a ballsy, intimidating, and strong performance–just the type of performance that you don’t normally see written for us. I hope more come around for me and others. Enough rambling, hope everyone is well!!!

Take care! X

Marisha Castle and Aurore Joly"Chicago" SDMT

Marisha Castle and Aurore Joly
“Chicago” SDMT


  1. I love the way you described your experience with this musical, Marisha. Congrats on reprising your role as Liz!

  2. Great to hear from you Marisha. Glad you are doing great! Did anyone capture your performance on youtube so we can see your Tango? What’s next?

    • Thank you! No unfortunately we can’t post performances online because of copyright issues 😦 sucks I know! Ha take care x

  3. Lisa Ercolano says:

    Marisha! Love your blog post and your insights into how five years additional maturity influenced your interpretation of Liz. I only wish I could have seen the production!

  4. I wish I could have seen you in this. I have loved the photos your mom has shared. You seem perfect for this show. Here’s to more success this year!

  5. corinne trowbridge says:

    Great perspective, and I’m sorry we missed it. I’m sure you rocked Liz!!!!!

  6. Awesome! I love musical theatre, and Chicago is a great show! Pop!


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