Introducing Foster Fridays

by Luanne and Marisha

We want to expand this blog from strictly adoption (with random forays into the arts) to include the concerns of foster children.  To highlight this expansion, we’re going to focus on foster children and fostering and foster adoptions on Fridays.  These topics aren’t limited to Fridays and we might talk about adoption on Fridays, too, but for now we’re going to post information about fostering every Friday.

If you were a foster child or are a foster parent or have adopted a foster child, we’d love to publish your story on the blog.  Send to our email at marishaandluanne[at]gmail[dot]com.

Photo and text from Wikipedia: The Children’s Aid Society started the Orphan Train Movement in 1853 to help the homeless, abused and orphaned children living on the streets of New York City; the beginning of the modern-day foster care system in the United States. Jacob Riis‘ “Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters 1890.” Mulberry Street inManhattan.


  1. Wow, this is a great idea for expansion! Fostering needs its space too. Lookin forward to the stories and lessons to be shared.

  2. I’m an adoptive mom through foster care and would love to share my story!

  3. Great idea, look forward to reading next Friday!

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  4. Great idea. I, too, am about to adopt as a foster carer. Our experiences are similar to other adopters in some ways but completely different in others!

  5. Hi, just got an inbox to write you… I am an adoptive, foster and kinship mom who believes in heart mother parenting, tummy mother parenting and God mother parenting. I work primarily with building hope for families and persons living with the challenges of fetal alcohol, let me know if you want some co-blog articles. Jodee Kulp


  1. […] my siblings.  There are a few entries that I haven’t gotten to yet, and in the spirit of Foster Fridays over at Don’t We Look Alike?, I’m going to write about a little girl named […]

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