Adoption Poem “The Call” by Emmy’s Mom

The Call

by Susan Farese
March, 2013


Just a typical day at the mall it was,

In June, Nineteen ninety-eight…

My cell phone ringing: “Hello” I said

Thus this call indeed transformed our fate…


A three-person conference call (I’ll never forget)

My hubby, me, and one other…

Our adoption coordinator extraordinaire

(Will I finally become a mother)???


Would we welcome and love this “infant girl”

To cherish, raise, teach & protect?

Many months of waiting (was our quest truly over)?

Our hearts filled with hope to connect…


Just one month old, this sweet precious baby

We’d receive the mailed video soon.

We’d visit the orphanage next month via jet

And hope to read her “Goodnight, Moon”!


My husband and I pledged yes on the spot

To bring this all to fruition

True joy but along with it many unknowns

Adoptive parenting would be our new lifetime mission!


We finished the conference call, I was in shock

My heart swelled with pure loving care

Would I be able to mother her well?

I contemplated with much prayer…


There were tears in my eyes and joy in my soul

From my purse I found a store receipt

And with eyeliner jotted down all of the notes

From that ultimate phone call, so sweet!


Then I ran right into a store in the mall,

Bath and Body Works it turned out to be

Adrenaline pumping, my arms filled with Goosebumps

Shouted “I’m going to be a Mom!” with glee!


The sales team was so very nice to me

A memento box I bought on a whirl!

I filled it with congratulations cards we received

Months later for our precious little girl.


Our bundle of heartfelt joy joined our lives

Kindred spirits bonded emotionally

We celebrated with family and friends

Sang her lullabies, rocked her, hubby and me…


Time certainly flies, each minute, week, month

Then all of a sudden a year

We’ve been blessed with our daughter

Connected forever,

When I think of her, I grin, ear to ear…


Now it’s been nearly 15 years from that day

…My significant visit to the mall

It took this long to convey in a poem

The significance of that magical call!

The memory boxwith congratulations

The memory box
with congratulations

Photo on top of the memory box:
Susan with daughter Emmy

Susan feeding daughter Emmy

Susan feeding
daughter Emmy


  1. Brenda Baker says:

    I remember as if it were YESTERDAY!!! What a wonderful memory.

  2. Susan Farese says:

    Thank you dear Brenda. Words are not enough!

  3. john reubens says:

    Susan you are great.. Your writing is amazing.. could not have been a better match.. yes it seems like just yesterday we were getting photos of this beautiful little baby in a green velvet dress…

  4. Susan Farese says:

    Thank you John!

  5. Congratulations! A call you will never forget I am sure! And two lives made better as / by one.

  6. Constance Heidari says:

    This was so beautiful Susan! Congratulations to you all forever. 🙂

  7. Susan Farese says:

    Thank you Luanne and Marisha, for your wonderful blog. It is heartwarming, educational, artistic and very interesting. What a way to share with the world!

  8. niki blacker says:

    susan your poem brought tears to my eyes.i remember it all so well.i love it.

  9. Susan Farese says:

    Thank you Constance and Niki. Yes, Niki, the truth, from the heart.

  10. Thanks for checking out our blog!

  11. My heart is bursting! What a beautiful poem.

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