A Mom’s View on Foster Care Adoption

by guest blogger Shannon Mackie

I am the mom to two children through foster care adoption: 8-year-old BE and 5-year-old BC. My kids are biological siblings and we’ve been a family since 2010.When I talk about our adoption, I often call it “semi-open.” I’m all for open adoptions, but often the reasons that foster children come into care makes it very difficult to maintain first family connections. However, my husband and I recognize the importance of these connections and have worked to encourage them.

Shannon Mackie

Shannon Mackie

At this point, contact with my kids’ parents is not on the agenda, but we have managed to build relationships with their aunts, cousins, and half siblings. And, we have continued to visit with their foster family.

I was recently discussing my kids with some new acquaintances, and I told them that one of the things I love most about our adoption is the way that it expanded our family in ways that I couldn’t have predicted. In fact, these “new family members” have taught me a lot. I tend to be very pessimistic, but they have often encouraged me, simply through their ability to accept me, demonstrate grace, and overcome obstacles.

The same can be said of my biological family. Their willingness to expand their family and to accept new members is moving. They remind me that there is still plenty of room for forgiveness and goodness in this world.

So, my advice for foster and adoptive parents is – be cautiously open. People may surprise you and you’ll be grateful for the extra support. After, all you’ll need all the help you can get when raising older kids.


Shannon can be found at her own blog One Inch of Grace.


  1. Wise words for everyone – “be cautiously open.”


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