An Adoptee Finds Some Answers

by Luanne

Count on Steve Hartman for some wonderful stories on his CBS Evenings News segment, “On the Road.”  The episode I saw Friday (April 12, 2013) was about international adoption, war, a baby, and a hero.

Click here for an inspiring and heart-warming story of a woman born in Vietnam and adopted in the United States.  Kimberly M. Miller is president of a non-profit organization that helps veterans.  But she started out as a baby in war-torn Vietnam.  She searched for her roots and what she found out will make you tear up.

Click on the photo below for an article about Kim in


  1. Tears falling for this share…One act of kindness can truly change the world!! Thank YOU! xo

  2. Awesome! Just amazing.

  3. Wow, really good outcome for this person, hope the centre she’s setting up does well.

    Thanks for sharing with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  4. What a great story, really moving and positive. Thank you for Sharing on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

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