Thoughts On A Transracial Adoptee’s Identity In Relation To Authority & Voice


In my piece “To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang,” I misrepresented both Chinese and Korean naming practices. First, though I knew that Cho and Chang could be Chinese names, I phrased the joke in a way that did not show that information. Second – Chang, if it is a Korean name, should be pronounced Chong/Jong (장). Unfortunately, this line got turned into a gifset (gotta love Tumblr) and it understandably offended many people. Though I was trying to prove that Cho Chang’s name was stereotypical and badly researched, I ended up perpetuating further ignorance.



But this post is not about my embarrassment or guilt. I’ve done my best to address my mistake in my subsequent blog posts and response video.



This post is talking about why I made this mistake, and how it relates to my identity as a transracial adoptee.**

I grew up in a…

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