There’s Really a Magazine About Foster Care?

by Luanne

Yup, there really is a magazine about Foster Care.  It’s called Foster Focus.    

They have a great website, as well, and a fan page on Facebook.

You can subscribe for 12 issues for $25 if you go through Paypal.

Here is a reprint from their “about” page on the website:

Judges, lawyers, caseworkers, advocates, foster parents, adoptive parents, foster care alumni, guidance counselors, teachers, principles and current foster youth all read Foster Focus. The go-to source of foster care news and information for anyone involved in anyway with the foster care industry.

Foster Focus is a monthly magazine dealing exclusively and entirely with the Foster Care Industry.  The core of the magazine are seven monthly featured sections, Anonymous FacesAsk a ProEditor’s NotesFamily AdventuresGuest Speaker, What Do They DO? A nonprofit profile and Lawmakers.  These sections coupled with cover stories and coverage of events focused on foster care will, in fact make for the most in depth view of the Foster Care Industry ever published.  Accomplished doctors, attorneys and psychiatrists and New York Times bestselling authors make up the writing staff for Foster Focus they add credibility and project a sense of understanding to our readers. A range of stories and subjects are covered, highlights include; interviews with Country star Jimmy Wayne and From the NFL’s New Orleans Saints Jimmy Graham, exclusive stories by Dr.John DeGarmo, Rhonda Sciortino, FCAA CEO Adam Robe and Casey Family Planning CEO William Bell.

Another service offered by Foster Focus is the website, which can be viewed at, It has excerpts of the magazines authors and highlights of the monthly sections and allows non-subscribers the opportunity to subscribe via the internet.



  1. I run Foster Focus and just wanted to say thanks for finding me! Keep up the cool blog.

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