Paris Review – “Every Adoption is a Ghost Story”: An Interview with Jennifer Gilmore by Amy Benfer


Here’s an interview of Jennifer Gilmore who wrote the novel The Mothers about open adoption from the perspective of a prospective adoptive mother.

The interviewer, Amy Benfer, once had almost placed her daughter with adoptive parents and changed her mind at the last minute.

Paris Review – “Every Adoption is a Ghost Story”: An Interview with Jennifer Gilmore, Amy Benfer.


  1. I see both sides like you do – no easy answer – one side there are children who want families – the other side I can’t put into words that would come out right. I just keep thinking there has to be a better way – but what. It also reminds me too much of the Orphan Train Riders – some stories turned out okay – others were total disaster just waiting to happen, and of course the ones in the middle who just existed until they could leave. Hard.

    • I know. The only thing would be if the standards of the people who makes the day-to-day decisions were based on excellent protocol and impeccable ethics. Even then, good, hard-working people can still be gulled by unscrupulous people. And anything that smacks of more hoops to jump through will always be complained about, but I am all for hoops with reason and above said protocol and ethics. Main thing I try to keep in mind is to keep fighting for the rights of children.

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