Network TV Subject: A Non-Traditional Foster Family

Here’s a new show, a drama, called The Fosters about a two mom family with both bio and foster children.  The executive producer is Jennifer Lopez.

Are you planning to watch it? Do you think it will be realistic?


  1. Seriously? Can they put foster kids on tv like that? I couldn’t even put pictures up on Facebook, so I’m not sure how this can actually work.

    • No, it’s a drama, not a reality show. I know. We’re so used to reality TV haha. But it’s a drama with actors who will be portraying foster parents and foster kids.

      • Oh, ok. Then no, I don’t think it will be realistic. My idea of what foster care and the system were like was not quite on until I was in the middle of it. I hope, though, that it is good for foster kids (shows them as real, hurting children instead of crazy demons) because too often the temptation to make it a little crazy to get ratings is the only motivation.

  2. I highly doubt it. To appease the masses they’re going to have to weave in sex and entertaining drama. What do you think? Will you watch it?

    • I’m planning to watch it I’m hoping it’s at least moderately decent about the way they depict the family and their lives. I’m not expecting a miracle ;). I agree about the sex, etc.

  3. I’ll watch it if it’s on the web. We got rid of cable, so it has to be on the ABC site or Hulu (regular, not Plus). I’d like to give it a chance. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be realistic.

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