Did You Notice the Cat in Our DWLA Gravatar?

by Marisha

Our whole family loves cats.  The one in our Gravatar is our first cat, Macavity, or as we call him, Monkeybunnyratowlpig.  When we found him as a tiny kitten living under our new house, I begged my parents to keep him, although we had always had dogs.

Mac is 15 years old and lives with my parents and three other cats, Pear Blossom, Felix, and Tiger.

I found my cat, Isabella Rose, at a shelter here in L.A. over two years ago.  Here are some shots of my Izzie Biz I took this week.

Izzie in the morning

Izzie checking out the morning

Izzie in the evening

Izzie tired from playing a game of straw


  1. Love cats too!

  2. Yay cats! Izzy looks like our Firefly (who looks like my first cat out of college, Katchoo).

  3. I like cats! They’re lovely. Kittens are my childhood playmate. But when they come in threes or more, it’s creepy to me, something about stephen king’s sleepwalkers novel I think. Lol.

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