Son’s Big Day

fostadoptfoibles’ description of ADHD is brilliant. If you know someone with ADHD you won’t want to miss this post.


For all his challenges, Son’s full of surprises, as is any kid, I suppose.  One recent day proved to us he possessed an ability we thought was rather scarce in his world.  Let me tell you about Son’s Big Day.

As some of you who are familiar with ADHD know, absolutely everything is fascinating.  Trouble is, it’s all fascinating, all at once, always.  The first time we took Son into Manhattan I thought he was going to explode.  We weren’t even in that exciting of a neighborhood, but there was so much stimulation occurring he literally became dizzy.  You and I might not think about it, but any kid on his first trip to the Big City’s going to be a Jackson Pollock painting.  For Son, it was a JP painting in a spin dryer.  Take, for instance, First Avenue.  All sorts of vehicles on it.  Most of us just…

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