My State’s Hidden Epidemic

by Luanne

This brief post isn’t about adoption, but it is about children. The welfare of children. Last night I was watching the local Phoenix news, a CBS channel, and my blood started to boil.  As a society, we rely on bureaucracies to take care of our at-risk people: children, seniors, and others. I knew CPS wasn’t perfect–that, in fact, it has a lot of flaws. But I hoped that stories of abuse being swept under the rug were mainly confined to old Law & Order episodes.

Not so. In Arizona, at least 6,000 (that’s SIX THOUUUUSAND) child abuse reports were never investigated!!!  Here’s a link to the article: read it and weep.

What has happened to these children?  If even 20% of the cases are children in danger, that is at the very least ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED CHILDREN.

Budget constraints have been blamed for this, but the truth is it’s up to people who know what is going on to open their mouths at the first sign of trouble. Last January Governor Brewer begged to hire 150-200 EMERGENCY CPS workers. What has happened in the meantime?

In my state, the only areas of the government in dire straits like this are the ones related to children, the elderly, the mentally ill, and others who need our help.

And CPS is an EMERGENCY division, much like 911.  Can we say HELP loud enough to get help for the kids?


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  3. Luanne, it is a tragic situation indeed. Brewer only allotted enough funds to hire 50 CPS workers, not 100. CPS often gets a bad rap, but it must be made known that these men and women are often carrying a caseload of 100 cases+, which is WRONG in every sense of the word. The burnout rate is extremely high because one can only manage so many cases WELL. Some of my classmates in the MSW program work for CPS, and I can attest that they are overworked and understand how bad things in CPS are. They desperately want to see change and are doing the best in their positions, however Brewer refuses to make amendments to the budget that will allow funding to hire and train more workers. Believe it or not, there are some in CPS who have good hearts and see the disaster that our system is in. I intern at an agency that works directly with CPS and know the kind of delays that are occurring, which is extremely frustrating for not only foster and adoption agencies, but potential foster and adoptive families as well. At our agency, staff read the article you’ve posted here, and it’s heartbreaking and a terrible injustice. If you are moved by this story, WRITE TO YOUR LEGISLATORS, or better yet, to Brewer, to air your opinions about the lack of funding and how desperate the situation is. And yes, we all need to consider ourselves mandated reporters at the first sign of something not right when it comes to the welfare of children. Thanks for your post.

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