Chad Goller-Sojourner, a Seattle-based writer, solo-performer and transracial adoptee, has launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for his sophomore solo-performance “Riding in Cars with Black People & Other Newly Dangerous Acts: A Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness.” Riding in Cars… is the groundbreaking and crushingly honest story of what happens when a black boy, raised by white parents “ages out” of honorary white and suburban privilege and into a world where folklore, statistics and conjecture deem him dangerous until proven otherwise. Of course this show is about a lot more than what happens when white parents ship their black kids off to college in ill-fitted automobiles. At times funny, biting, and somber,Riding in Cars with Black People unpacks race, privilege, and identity formation like only a transracial adoptee can.

Excerpts from Riding in Cars:

“What I remember most about that first stop was that he asked “Where are you headed.”Not “license, registration and proof of insurance, please” but “Where are you headed.”Eighteen years, nine months, sixteen days and one thousand seconds of riding around in cars with nothing but white folks and not once had an officer expressed interest in where I was headed.”

“While I did not know it at the time, growing up one of the benefits of my honorary white and suburban privilege was the ability to gather, congregate and move aimlessly through public spaces without attention or purpose… Perhaps that’s why for years after leaving home I carried an old family picture, tucked it directly behind my driver’s license, where the latter went the former followed, sometimes whispering, and sometimes shouting “I am not the Black Man you think I am. Now please let me pass without delay or further hindrance.”

Artist’s Bio:

Chad Goller-Sojourner is a Seattle-based writer, solo-performer and recipient of a distinguished Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Performing Arts Fellowship. His work has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and featured on NPR. Most recently he was awarded a 2011 Artist Trust/Centrum Creative Artist Residency to develop his sophomore solo show: Riding in Cars with Black People & Other Newly Dangerous Acts: A Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness. In 2009 he launched a national three-year college tour of his award-winninginaugural solo show: Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy, which debuted July 2008.

Gifts to the World by Juliet Ercolano


Juliet Ercolano, photo taken by a friend

When asked to describe herself, Juliet always answers the same way: “I am a people person.” Now a senior in high school, she plans to study psychology or human services in college so she can become a therapist or counselor to either elderly people or kids who have been adopted trans-racially.  Her favorite pastimes, other than hanging out with friends, are photography, dance and listening to music. Her iPod is running out of room!

Juliet has been accepted to her first choice school–Elon University.  She will be attending Elon next fall.

Last summer, Juliet exhibited her photographs at the School of Creative and Performing Arts’ showcase at the Parsons The New School of Design in New York City, and served as a counselor-in-training for girls ages 9 to 12 at Holt International‘s Adoptee Camp, which brings together several hundred adopted kids each summer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


DWLA loves Juliet’s photography for both its technique and radiant expression of Juliet’s own interest in people, human emotion, dance, art, and music.   She specializes in capturing intense moments of human communication and focus.

A Sampling of Juliet Ercolano’s Photographic Art


Self-Portrait 1

Self-Portrait 2



Best wishes to Juliet Ercolano as she winds down her high school career and moves on to her college experience at Elon University.

She has a bright future ahead of her!

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